• High quality firewood rack!
    A 2.6 cubic meter dried birch firewood rack.
    Our firewood burns with a clean pure flame
    emitting as little carbon dioxide as possible.
    The firewood rack is bacteria and fungus free
    thanks to our revolutionary drying kilns.
  • A convenient bag
    We also offer firewood in 40 litre bags.
    The wood is bagged after 7 days of drying.
    The bag only weighs 15 kg
    It's very convenient and easy to transport.
    The bag itself is very durable.

Welcome to Biofan Firewood website

Biofan Firewood is a company in Estonia which produces sells, and delivers wood products, mainly firewood. The firewood is ofcourse dried and made bacteria free with our revolutionary driers. Our main objective is to offer you the best quality firewood that you can find.

We are currently offering two different products, a pallet of stacked dried firewood and a pallet wich has 66 bags of dried firewood on it. Ordering firewood via our website is easy and you can be sure the products always come from the manufacturer and have guaranteed quality. We do not use any mediators and keep a close eye on the manufacturing process.
Our forests firewood production capacity is 60,000 m3, i.e. 1.5 million 40-litre bags a year so we are always happy to fulfil bigger orders.

Latest News

June 21, 2012

Firewood sale!

Our company currently has a sale on firewood, nowhere else can you find such quality this cheap!

May 19, 2012

Estonian firewood helps reduce allergy!

Research says that our firewood burns with such a clean flame that it's good for you health.

May 18, 2012

Biofan's new Website

Biofan's new website is online, thank you for visiting our company's website.